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Congressman Sanford cites post-divorce modifications for split

Those who are selected to represent the citizens in government are expected to live by a certain standard. While there is no shortage of marital strife and divorce in the high-pressure world of politics, difficulties related to post-divorce modifications are not frequently discussed. However, these issues do come up -- even here in New York -- and they require time and attention to be resolved appropriately. 

U.S. Supreme Court has intervened in family, child custody cases

In most situations, cases involving family law matters are handled within the family's jurisdiction and do not require input from the federal court system. However, there have been a few cases where the U.S. Supreme Court has intervened in child custody and divorce cases. In spite of the rarity, when the top court has been involved, the decisions have sometimes brought changes, even here in New York.

How to unearth hidden assets during a contentious divorce

In some cases, both spouses have come to the conclusion that the marriage is no longer viable, but they have not yet openly discussed it with each other. Instead, one or the other may be working hard to ensure that he or she will survive the impending divorce with a financial parachute. There are ways that hidden assets can be uncovered, and residents in New York may benefit from learning some of the methods to do so.

New York courts view child support, visitation issues separately

Often, once a divorce is finalized by the courts, it is over. There is no need to revisit the issues that may have led to the dissolution of the marriage. However, if children are involved, then there may be ongoing matters related to both child support and visitation. New York families may have reason to seek revisions to either in the event their circumstances may have changed.

Some suggestions for older women going through divorce

The number of so-called "gray" divorces has jumped by double digits in a 20-year period. More couples than ever are seeking divorce in their older years, and along with these increasing numbers, there may be many women missing out on some of the key assets that they may not realize to which they are actually entitled. New York wives may be interested in some recent suggestions regarding the sharing of assets.

In the world of social media, prenuptial agreements are popular

In the 21st century, many aspects of daily life have changed, including the issues that may cause conflict in relationships. Not every couple will agree as to what types of sharing is appropriate. Now, some relationship professionals are advocating a new clause to prenuptial agreements. Couples in New York have seemed to take an interest in the revolutionary idea.

High divorce rate may drive more couples to get prenups

Love often leads to wedding bells in New York, but now there's a new trend. People who are falling in love aren't in such a rush to walk down the aisle these days -- not without first putting together a prenuptial agreement. Although people who are eager to get married hope that they will be married "'til death do they part," having a prenuptial agreement protects them in case a divorce happens instead.

Emotional decisions in divorce may endanger financial stability

No matter how amicable a divorce is, it remains an unpleasant experience for many. Most New York residents would probably want to get it over and done with, in order to move forward and build a new future. However, divorce is one thing that should not be rushed. Being as emotional as one would naturally be in this situation, all decisions should be carefully considered.

Research center reports rise in number of stay-at-home parents

When couples become parents, it is certainly not uncommon for one parent to decide to stay home with the children. In fact, according to the Pew Research Center, 29 percent of mothers in the U.S. are stay-at-home moms and 6 percent of fathers are stay-at-home dads. In a number of these cases, whether due to preference or economics, this means one parent has put their careers on hold -- or even halt -- to raise children. 

When running a business together, spouses should always think ahead

It may seem hard to believe, but figures show that the national average divorce rate for first marriages currently sits at a whopping 52 percent, while the national average divorce rate for subsequent marriages sits at an astounding 70-plus percent.

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