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Rights of unmarried fathers

When married parents in New York get divorced, they expect to come to a child custody arrangement with one another that firs their situation. While some parents might find that joint physical and legal custody works best for them, others might use another strategy. At...

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Contested versus uncontested divorce

The image that usually comes to mind at the thought of divorce is a courtroom scene before a judge, or perhaps the two spouses huddled with their attorneys as they sit on opposite sides of a boardroom table. In spite of this traditional view, far more divorces are now...

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The advantages of a prenuptial agreement

Many people who are preparing to get married are uncomfortable with the idea of a prenuptial agreement. They may feel that signing such an agreement is counterproductive at a time when they are preparing to spend the rest of their lives with their soon-to-be spouse....

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Is an uncontested divorce right for me?

There is a perception that every divorce in New York and across the United States involves couples who are disagreeing about every issue in their case and cannot find any area of common ground. While that might be true in the more prominent cases that are reported on...

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