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We Will Take Over Your Legal Burden

Last updated on January 15, 2021

Part of the stress involved with any divorce or family law matter is the fear of the unknown. What are my legal rights? How can I possibly achieve the results I am looking for? Who is going to fight for me? Well-meaning friends or family members may have given you advice or provided you with their thoughts regarding your legal rights. However, without qualified legal representation, you are truly in the dark about your options, available protections and how to obtain your legal goals.

When you work with Judd & Moss, P.C., we will take on your legal burden for you. While educating our clients throughout Suffolk County is part of what we do, make no mistake that we are here to take care of you. We will provide you with clear explanations and all available options, and encourage you to make your own decisions. But from there, we take over. Most, if not all, of our past clients have left their first meeting with us with a sense of relief. We are certain that you will feel the same.

We Are Well-Versed In New York’s Complex Family Law Issues

While our primary focus in resolving problems is to reach an amicable solution for all parties, we know it is not always possible to reach a fair and just outcome this way. Sometimes, aggressive representation in the courtroom is necessary. Our attorneys have over 60 years of combined experience navigating through New York’s divorce courts and family law landscape to draw upon to help you develop the optimal approach to resolve your matter.

We invite you to learn more about issues in family law that you may be facing, and how our attorneys can help:

  • Divorce: including contested, uncontested, no-fault divorce and same-sex divorce, as well as legal separations
  • Child custody and support: including issues of sole v. joint custody, physical and legal custody, parenting plans, grandparents’ rights, parental relocation, child support guidelines, support enforcement, and modifications of custody and support
  • Property and asset division: including issues of separate versus marital property, homesteads, vehicles, bank accounts, retirement accounts, investment accounts, temporary orders, business valuations and hidden assets
  • Spousal maintenance: including temporary and permanent alimony awards
  • Mediation and collaborative law: including advocacy for less adversarial means of resolution in the divorce process
  • Additional family court matters: including orders of protection, abuse/neglect claims, juvenile delinquency, guardianship proceedings, paternity issues and adoption

Find Out More About Our Personalized Approach For Free

We understand each family law issue has a unique solution. That is why we take the time to respectfully listen to your needs to tailor a plan that will efficiently help you reach your goals. At Judd & Moss, P.C., we provide the skilled litigation you need and the individualized advocacy you deserve. Complete our contact form to reach us online or call us at 631-615-1758 to make an appointment for your free initial consultation.