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The effects of Ashley Madison breach on divorce

As many New York residents know, a large online dating service called Ashley Madison was recently hacked. The service helps pair individuals looking to have an extramarital affair, but as the identities of millions of users were recently made public, this has affected a colossal amount of marriages. With so many individuals' extramarital affairs made public, there has been much speculation regarding the consequences for those individuals when and if they end up going through divorce as a result.

Prenuptial agreements getting longer -- and more unusual

Many New York residents who fall in love and begin a long-term relationship usually expect that the relationship will last a lifetime. However, the legally binding contracts associated with long-term relationships, such as prenuptial agreements, are supposedly getting much longer and, sometimes, even more unusual. Prenuptial agreements are no longer for the rich and famous and, more and more, are containing what are known as love contracts.

When married couples move states, divorce, headaches result

The state an individual resides in determines many different aspects of life. For instance, most New York residents know that these aspects include how they are penalized for crimes and how much an individual is taxed. However, depending on the state in which a married couple resides or moves to, the outcome of a divorce, including how much alimony is allotted, can be very different.

Recent celebrity divorce offers lessons on prenuptial agreements

As many New York residents are aware, Hollywood couple Ben Affleck, 42, and Jennifer Garner, 43, recently decided to call it quits. The divorce filing was initiated exactly 10 years and one day after the couple's wedding, which, according to some, is no coincidence. In the eyes of the state in which they were married, when marriages last for 10 years, they are then considered long-term marriages, which can affect financial aspects of the separation, including prenuptial agreements.

New York engaged couples and prenuptial agreements: What's best?

In today's day and age in New York, things can happen very quickly. In relationships and marriage, two people can fall in love overnight and may wish to get married with little thought to one another's finances or their future. Although no one likes to consider it at the time of an engagement, when things don't work out in a marriage, the fallout from a divorce can be incredibly difficult in a variety of ways. However, prenuptial agreements are one way to effectively mitigate the inherent stresses of divorce proceedings.

New proposed laws in New York could affect child custody decision

When it comes to spouses getting a divorce when there are children involved, which parent gets custody of the children as well as how much child support is disbursed are two of the most important aspects to most parents and are often a contentious issue. New proposed legislation could directly affect and fundamentally change how child custody cases are currently being decided in divorces. New York, as well as 20 other states, are currently considering these new legislative bills.

Things New York seniors need know about divorce

The divorce rate of those in their senior years doubled between the years 1990 and 2010, according to a recent study. Although remarriages often result in higher divorce rates, second or third marriages weren't the only culprits. The study found that close to 50 percent of those getting a divorce were on their first marriage.

How divorce can impact your retirement

New York couples facing divorce are worried about settling immediate concerns, such as child custody and living arrangements. In the midst of the complex process of ending a marriage, it is easy to lose sight of matters that will be important in the future, including retirement. As a major life event and legal process, divorce will impact long-term savings. 

Job changes can trigger a New York divorce

According to the chief psychologist at New York City's Beth Israel Medical Center, going through a significant change in one's employment can be a causal factor in deciding to move toward divorce. While each couple is unique and will have a blend of stressors, it appears as if moving through major job changes can place a significant amount of pressure on both spouses. For individuals who are going through a difficult time in their marriage, it can be difficult to know when circumstances have passed the point of no return, making divorce the best course of action.

Woman seeks high amount of child support from billionaire husband

New York readers may be familiar with the high asset divorce case of the ultra-wealthy Anne Dias Griffin and Ken Griffin, including their highly public battle over monthly financial support. The wife is seeking $1 million per month in child support. Her billionaire husband, a hedge fund manager, has refused her requests. 

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