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Customer upset with cavalier attitude toward domestic abuse

On Behalf of | May 28, 2014 | Domestic Violence, Firm News |

There are many reasons why a marriage does not survive over time. One of the most devastating may be when domestic abuse has been suffered by a spouse. There is never a situation where the topic of violence in a relationship should be used as a tagline; however, one establishment recently posted a handwritten note that seemed to mock the subject. The business was not located in New York, but victims in every state may have seen the message posted on Facebook.

The note, which an upset woman posted on her Facebook account, featured the chalked message that a Texas bar allowed to be displayed for a while. The customer who saw the message had previously been a victim of relationship violence and she complained that the sign seemed to make light of the serious topic. She, along with her companions, repeatedly requested that the sign be erased. The bar manager acquiesced after some time had passed, but not before the woman decided to photograph it.

The bar’s owner later issued a statement that a female employee had written the sign and that is wasn’t a message that the ownership condoned. They further stated that their own family had been affected by this type of violence and they do not treat it lightly. The sign, however, tried to poke fun at domestic violence by relating it to domestic beer.

The pain and suffering that victims of domestic abuse endure should never be treated in an off-hand manner. Lives and marriages can be shattered when one partner inflicts harm on the other. The bar where the sign was displayed has promised to take appropriate actions to rectify the situation. In the meantime, New York families who may be struggling with their own domestic violence experiences have knowledgeable and compassionate resources to turn to for information. Taking advantage of this help could be a critical step toward ensuring that they are freed from their relationship violence.

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