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In the world of social media, prenuptial agreements are popular

On Behalf of | Jun 12, 2014 | Divorce, Firm News |

In the 21st century, many aspects of daily life have changed, including the issues that may cause conflict in relationships. Not every couple will agree as to what types of sharing is appropriate. Now, some relationship professionals are advocating a new clause to prenuptial agreements. Couples in New York have seemed to take an interest in the revolutionary idea.

One example of how a social media clause would work is that the couple would sit down and discuss what aspects of their private life is open to sharing on the various sites. Once the matter has been discussed and agreed upon, a simple question should settle any issues. If one half of the couple decides to violate the agreement and posts a photograph or information that is not acceptable to both parties, then the usual sanction takes a monetary form. One relationship counselor has said that New York couples who fall under an income level of $5 million would typically pay an amount around $50,000.

This professional claims that she has around one-third of her clients per month who express a desire to include a social-sharing section to their regular prenuptial documents. One possible reason that it is becoming popular is that negative or embarrassing posts may harm an individual’s self-esteem or possibly damage their professional reputations. Having economic repercussions written into the contract may cause either party to refrain from sharing information and details that could cause one’s partner discomfort or professional harm.

There may well be a place for these types of social media clauses, especially in the event that a divorce is contemplated. Having limits established beforehand in prenuptial agreements may forestall the impulse to exact revenge during the course of an acrimonious split. New York couples who have settled on a divorce as the best solution to a possibly contentious relationship have resources available that may provide the most up-to-date tools and documents that may make the transition from couple-hood to the single life as smooth and uncomplicated as possible.

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