NASCAR driver Kurt Busch faces alleged domestic abuse charges

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In the world of sports, athletes are invariably held up as heroes and role models for the nation’s youth. Unfortunately, young people may often get a mixed message when those same sports figures are later accused of committing crimes. One such man has recently been alleged to have carried out domestic abuse against his former girlfriend. The man is a driver for NASCAR and may be well-known to fans of the sport in New York.

Police received a report of an incident that allegedly occurred in the motorhome belonging to Kurt Busch during a recent race weekend. The woman involved stated that she and the driver had recently ended their three-year relationship shortly before this incident. According to her statement, Busch was in a bad frame of mind after not performing well in that day’s race. He then purportedly became increasingly agitated before becoming physically abusive toward her.

After she was reportedly attacked, she sought assistance on a nearby bus. She has since requested a judge to approve a protective order against Mr. Busch and for him to undergo a psychiatric evaluation as well as an additional evaluation by a domestic abuse treatment professional. She is assured of her rights to seek protection from further harm by the alleged abuser.

The police have reported that they are conducting a thorough investigation concerning the alleged domestic abuse charges. Furthermore, NASCAR is also investigating the incident. The woman’s employer, the Armed Forces Foundation, has suspended its association with the driver in light of the seriousness of the alleged incident. New York victims of domestic violence are entitled to seek additional remedies for their situations alongside help from the criminal courts. There are resources located throughout the area that can provide assistance and information regarding the rights and protections that are afforded to victims of these tragic crimes.

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