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Finding the right help during a divorce may make the difference

On Behalf of | Jan 8, 2015 | Divorce, Firm News |

As we are all aware, the happily-ever-after is mainly the stuff of fairy tales and not compatible with reality. In real life, close to half of all marriages end in divorce. While a divorce is an emotionally difficult experience, you do not have to tough it out on your own. There are compassionate professionals located here in New York who can help guide you through this challenging time.

There are so many aspects of one’s life that can be affected during the dissolution process. Now, not only has a relationship ended, but there are likely numerous important decisions that must be made, including custody of any children involved and multiple financial and property considerations. All of these matters may feel overwhelming in the beginning, especially in the midst of conflicting emotions.

There are seven different bases for divorce here in New York. Along with those separate grounds, this is also the matter of whether yours is a contested or non-contested divorce. In an uncontested filing, neither party may ever have to make an appearance in court — which many feel is an intimidating prospect. Regardless, though, if you have to go to court to resolve some issues, you do not have to face any of this alone.

If you are contemplating starting a new chapter in your life by seeking a divorce, then you may be relieved to know that you do not need to struggle to get through the process by yourself. The legal process of obtaining a divorce can be daunting and complex in certain situations, and you may find yourself feeling as if you are in over your head. However, the right professionals can make this transition into your new life as stress-free as possible. Please feel free to peruse our website located here to see if our experience will benefit you and meet your unique needs during this challenging chapter of your life.