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Woman seeks high amount of child support from billionaire husband

On Behalf of | Mar 19, 2015 | Divorce, Firm News |

New York readers may be familiar with the high asset divorce case of the ultra-wealthy Anne Dias Griffin and Ken Griffin, including their highly public battle over monthly financial support. The wife is seeking $1 million per month in child support. Her billionaire husband, a hedge fund manager, has refused her requests. 

The wife claims that her husband’s personal and public attacks on her financial requests are simply tactics to publicly tarnish her reputation. After taxes, her husband reportedly makes more than $68 million per month. She claims that her requests for $1 million per month are actually much less than the amount of support the man would have to pay according to state standards. 

Child support requests from  the wife include hundreds of thousands of dollars for vacations, almost $7,000 in grocery costs, $60,000 for staff and $300,000 for a private jet. In a family with such a high net worth, the standard of living is obviously different than that of the average New York family. However, regardless of the income of the parents, the parent with primary custody of the children can request support designed to continue the children’s lifestyle enjoyed during the marriage. 

This particular high asset divorce illustrates some of the issues faced by all parents during a divorce. Alimony, child support and other financial matters are some of the most complex aspects of dissolving a marriage, no matter how wealthy the couple. During a divorce of this nature, an individual will find it useful to secure the assistance of a lawyer experienced in complicated family law cases. 

Source: New York Post, “Billionaire’s divorcing wife wants at least $1M per month“, Michelle Celarier, March 4, 2015