Experts weigh in on things to consider before filing for divorce

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When individuals determine that they wish to end their marriage, this heavy decision often occurs after much discussion and soul searching. Sometimes, the decision to file for divorce arises after months or years that the couple spent attempting to salvage the relationship. For those residents of New York who are currently in the process of considering getting a divorce, a group of experts in varied fields recently shared some of the crucial things that individuals should think about before deciding to file.

According to an eminent relationship expert, individuals typically find it helpful to think back on what it was that originally brought the couple together. Once this is discovered, she recommends tracing the relationship’s progress to see when the relationship began to unravel and decide whether or not this issue can be resolved. Sometimes, this process helps the couple decide whether or not the relationship–and marriage–is, in fact, salvageable.

According to another expert, a certified financial planner, it is important to evaluate how, in the wake of the potential divorce, each individuals’ respective lifestyles might be altered in terms of their finances and what they could or could not afford to do moving forward. It is imperative that both individuals realize that it is rare for individuals to have the financial wherewithal to maintain the sort of lifestyles that they had while they were married. By drafting a current budget as well as a projected budget for the future with the divorce in mind, the couple will be able to gain a clearer picture of their respective financial futures.

Going through the process of divorce is often a trying, time-consuming process. When individuals in New York make the decision to file for divorce, they typically decide to consult an experienced family law attorney to assist them with the pertinent legal matters. Both attorneys will typically able to assist with the legal aspects of the divorce, including negotiating the divorce settlement that allocates property division, child custody agreements and, when applicable, the terms of child and/or spousal support.

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