Teen subjects of child custody battle located two years later

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When New York residents are involved in child custody disputes, sometimes tensions may run high; still, these tensions rarely result in the children involved going missing. However, that is precisely what happened to two out-of-state teens. Two girls who had been missing for over two years were located recently, an out-of-state news station reported. The teenage sisters were the subject of a bitter child custody dispute. Their father, who has full custody, will soon be reunited with his daughters.  

The police located the girls, ages 16 and 17, at an out-of-state horse ranch. Prior to this, they were last seen in April 2013, the local news station reported. The local police department, as well as the sheriff’s department and the U.S. Marshals, executed a search warrant, which resulted in the discovery of the two girls.

According to another news source, the girls had run away from their supposedly abusive father while the custody dispute was underway. However, a psychologist came to the conclusion that the girls’ mother had, in fact, brainwashed them into believing that they were being abused. As a result, the father was granted full custody of the children in November 2013.  

Whether a child custody case is the result of an adoption or a divorce, it is crucial to remember that the situation at hand might not be as simple as meets the eye. Sometimes, it requires the help of an attorney so that an amicable resolution can be reached. Consulting with experienced family law attorneys can not only give New York residents a clearer picture of the possible outcomes of a child custody case but also guide them on their way to an outcome that is best for all involved.

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