When to consider getting a lawyer in a New York divorce

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To some New York residents, the very word divorce can bring to mind high drama and stories that would make any war stories of their grandparents pale in comparison. Others may think of people whose divorces were, comparably, quite simple. Whether a divorce is more or perhaps a bit less complicated depends on several factors, including the personalities of the parties involved, what’s at stake and how much each party relies on attorneys and the court to solve their problems.

Generally, individuals prefer to consult a lawyer in certain situations, particularly if child, spousal or substance abuse is involved. Additionally, if one of the parties thinks his or her spouse is lying about some of the issues at hand, a lawyer can help the individual cope while also protecting his or her interests. This is also the case if the other spouse is simply being vindictive.

This is also an advisable course of action if the other spouse has already hired one. Also, if the divorce involves complicated finances or there are children involved, it can sometimes be difficult to deal with the often complex and emotionally draining issues at hand. A lawyer has often dealt with many similar cases before, and can thus give advice that is vetted by his or her own experience.

Divorce can be a trying time for both spouses, as well as any children involved. Emotions run high, and sometimes, there is a great deal at stake financially. In order to avoid going through this kind of tumultuous experience alone, many New York residents enlist the help of a seasoned professional, who can also ensure that the spouse’s interests are fully protected.

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