New study concludes divorce may be seasonal occurrence

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Couples can choose to end their marriages at any time of year. However, according to a new study, the amount of people filing for divorce peaks two times per year — in March and August. The study, which occurred outside of New York state, took place over the course of 14 years. 

Although not entirely clear why the peaks occur, researchers posited that when couples experienced relationship troubles during either summer or winter holidays, they perhaps hoped to fix their relationships by starting things anew during these months. According to an associate sociology professor, people may view holidays with rising expectations. However, when the holidays don’t quite live up to their high hopes, individuals may experience disillusionment with relationships, making them more likely to consider divorce after the holidays have passed.

The researchers believe that even if couples decide to get divorce shortly after the holidays, they typically need a few months to get their lives in order. This may include their finances, consulting an attorney or simply plucking up the courage to proceed with the decision. They attributed the higher levels in August to the possibility that after a disastrous family vacation, many individuals may hurry in order to file for divorce before their children begin school.

For most New York residents who decide to get a divorce, one of the main goals is often to get through it as quickly as possible — after all, the experience can be painful and the easiest way to start moving on is by getting past it. However, if proper attention and due diligence is not given to a divorce, an individual may come out on the wrong side of things and even pass up on some important opportunities that arise during the process. This is particularly true within the financial realm of divorce, a place where emotions may compromise an individual’s ability to think clearly in order to engage in the most prudent course of action.

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