Divorce statistics may not be what they seem

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Many New York residents likely hope to find a love that lasts a lifetime. However, they may feel somewhat skeptical about their chances due to often hearing that 50 percent of marriages end in divorce. Luckily, that statistic may not have as much weight today as it did in the past. 

A recent report indicated that many couples have closer to a 75 percent chance of having a lasting marriage. Therefore, many individuals may feel encouraged to know that their ideas of a happy marriage are not overly optimistic. Plus, each couple is different, and therefore, the likelihood of a marriage coming to an end depends on the specific nature of their lives and relationships. 

Some individuals may have a very low chance of divorce, and other couples could have a particularly high likelihood of dissolving their marriages. For instance, parties who have already divorced once in life often have a significantly higher chance of a second marriage also ending. A variety of factors can impact any relationship, and some individuals may not fit into any statistical category, even if their lives have certain factors. 

Though beating the odds is always a possibility, some New York residents may still find themselves choosing to end their marriages. No matter the reason, the situation can be emotional and difficult to face. Therefore, interested individuals may wish to gain a helpful advocate by consulting with experienced divorce attorneys. These legal professionals could provide useful information and insight into specific aspects of each person’s case in order to help work toward individual goals.

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