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What not to do during a divorce proceeding

On Behalf of | Nov 21, 2017 | Divorce, Firm News |

Walking down the aisle in New York is typically easier than walking away from a spouse due to differences that cannot be reconciled. Unfortunately, sometimes divorce cannot be avoided. A few tips may help with avoiding divorce-related mistakes that can cause major issues for oneself down the road.

First, giving away property is a major faux pas during a divorce proceeding. Sometimes spouses may feel inclined to give away their assets to family or friends simply to protect them from their future exes, and they then arrange to retrieve this property later. However, if a spouse hides assets from the other party, the other party has the right to take him or her back to divorce court to settle these assets.

Second, making major plans to accept a job position in a different state can be personally harmful during a divorce proceeding. A possible new life may end up interfering with getting the divorce finalized. In addition, violating visitation or temporary custody arrangements may make it harder for a spouse to obtain the visitation or custody rights she prefers long term.

Divorce is just as much of an emotional process as it is a financial one, so becoming frustrated and making rash decisions is not uncommon. Unfortunately, this behavior only makes matters worse for both oneself and for the immediately family members involved, including the children. An attorney can help with making expedient, well-thought-out decisions regarding topics such as asset division and child custody during each step of a divorce proceeding in New York.

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