Divorce can impact children long term

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The dissolution of a marriage in New York can understandably be hard for two adults to process emotionally. Thus, it may come as no surprise that children may have an even harder time navigating the emotional aspect of divorce. However, parents can try to minimize the negative effects that children experience by being careful how they conduct themselves during the divorce proceeding.

Because divorce information is considered public information, children of divorce can later go to the courthouse where their parents got divorced and pull the parents’ divorce files. As a result, they can easily see everything their parents said and did during the divorce proceeding. That includes any lies the parents told in an effort to get their way in the marital split-up.

Unfortunately, going through divorce often causes people to behave in ways they normally would not otherwise. They may make decisions fueled by their anger rather than by logic, and they may be willing to drag out the divorce to get the property and money to which they feel they are entitled. However, many do not realize that going through high-conflict divorce proceedings can take a negative toll on their children both now and in the years ahead.

The best scenario during divorce is if two spouses in New York can find common ground when dealing with matters such as child custody or the division of assets. This means they can resolve their disputes at the negotiation table without further court intrusion. An attorney can provide the guidance necessary to achieve a mutually satisfactory divorce settlement and parenting agreement with the other party so that a judge does not have to make the final decisions in these areas for the couple instead.

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