Negotiating divorce settlement does not have to be complicated

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Ending a marriage in New York can be an emotionally draining process, just as it can be financially draining. This is particularly true in a divorce situation where the two spouses cannot see eye to eye on how to handle matters such as asset distribution, child support and child custody. However, a couple of tips may be helpful for working toward a settlement agreement with a soon-to-be former spouse.

Some of the most challenging divorce matters include child support and child custody. When dealing with the children, directly negotiating with a future ex may result in a deadlock. However, an attorney may help a spouse to more effectively navigate informal negotiations with the goal of achieving the most personally favorable outcome for him or her.

Still, the most important thing when dealing with child custody in New York is to do what is in the best interests of the child. If a child custody case ends up in front of a judge, this will be the judge’s main focus when ultimately making decisions regarding physical and legal custody as well as visitation. Likewise, state laws are critical to follow when addressing child support.

Understandably, the divorce process can seem complicated and overwhelming. However, an applied understanding of the law may be helpful for attaining the results desired even when faced with the most complex divorce matters. In addition, understanding the wants and needs of the other party may make the negotiation of divorce matters much easier than one might expect.

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