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Selling home during divorce may be challenging

On Behalf of | Mar 1, 2018 | Divorce, Firm News |

A real estate transaction in New York is about more than just money. For the majority of those selling or purchasing a house, the experience is quite emotional. Property sales may become even more challenging when divorce emotions are added into the mix. A few tips may help those going through divorce to handle their property sales effectively.

First, using a real estate agent who has experience with working with divorcing couples may be particularly beneficial. After all, these type of agents understand that meeting with both parties separately is best to avoid heated exchanges, for instance. In addition, both parties may benefit from agreeing to place trust in the real estate agent they have hired.

A qualified agent can provide helpful advice regarding an appropriate asking price for the marital home. Then, the agent can guide the divorcing couple through the home-selling process. This expert can help to take the difficult emotions out of selling the house.

Getting a divorce can understandably be challenging both emotionally and financially in New York. However, if the two spouses are able to find common ground at the negotiation table, they may be able to avoid further court intrusion. Instead, they can work toward a mutually beneficial and satisfactory agreement addressing matters such as property division and alimony. Still, if they cannot see eye to eye on how to handle these matters, they may have no choice but to take their matters to court, where a judge will ultimately decide how they are handled. Unfortunately, the final outcome may not necessarily be what the couple would have expected or wanted.

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