Certain risk factors increase one’s chances of getting a divorce

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No relationship in life is guaranteed. Even when two New Yorkers express their commitment to each other on their wedding day, it does not necessarily mean the marriage will go as planned. Here are a couple of risk factors that researchers say double a married couple’s chances of getting a divorce down the road.

First, if one of the spouses emphasizes money and looks rather than the quality of the character of the person he or she is marrying, the marriage is likely to end in divorce one day. Marrying someone who is wealthy or attractive may seem to be a good idea at the outset. However, deeper values are generally necessary for the relationship to last.

Second, a marriage may not work out if a person wants a child more than his or her spouse does. If a woman desperately wants to have children but keeps experiencing resistance from the other party, this may ultimately cause her to initiate a divorce proceeding. For this reason, having a talk about the desire for children before walking down the aisle is critical.

Even though divorce is sometimes inevitable, two spouses can take some steps to mitigate the ill-effects of this type of family law proceeding. For example, the parties can strive to reach a mutually satisfactory divorce settlement through mediation or direct negotiations, which are increasingly common alternatives to traditional divorce litigation. These options are typically less stressful and less costly than going to trial. An attorney can provide the guidance needed to navigate New York divorce proceedings with confidence.

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