New York police may get involved when child support is unpaid

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Parents may feel frustrated and helpless if a former spouse has failed to adhere to the terms of an existing family court order. Regarding child support, there are hundreds of parents in New York and beyond who are currently trying to resolve problems concerning unpaid child support. Some parents have valid reasons for requesting formal modification of a court order, such as loss of income or medical expenses due to an unexpected situation.  

However, when such circumstances arise, there is a set process to go through to seek the needed adjustments. One cannot simply delay a payment, change a payment amount or stop making payments altogether without court approval. When this happens, a parent could wind up being surprised by a visit from local law enforcement officers.  

That’s what happened to a man in another state. Police showed up at a particular residence where they believed the man was staying. He is reportedly $13,000 in debt for unpaid child support. Police took the man into custody, and he is said to have gone with them without resisting.  

In that particular person’s case, police ultimately requested a search warrant of the man’s residence because they say that when they went there to address the child support issue, they supposedly found evidence of illegal drug activity. The two issues are separate and each will be addressed according to the laws of that state. Anyone in New York facing similar child support problems can seek solutions by consulting with an experienced family law attorney.  


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