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Co-parenting after divorce: Dealing with the stress

On Behalf of | Aug 2, 2018 | Divorce, Firm News |

Parents who split up have an added worry. Being parents in separate households in New York can be stressful. But there are some ways in which to make co-parenting after divorce manageable and less likely to be rife with angst for both the parents and their children.

Children’s emotional well-being is often indicative of their parents’ mental health, so it’s important for parents to take time to de-stress themselves, so they can move ahead with co-parenting together as individuals. Divorce comes with a bevy of feelings that can include anger, betrayal, sadness, guilt and fear of the unknown. Experts say that it’s important for people to allow themselves to feel that range of emotions. Managing these feelings is easier with the support of family and friends.

Communicating with a former spouse can be painful. But when estranged couples make the effort for their children, they may find that it is less so. Children should never be used as messengers between parents, so fashioning out some way to communicate with each other is imperative. It may be a good idea for each parent to set up an email account they use for communicating with each other about their children, especially at first when it may be too painful to see each other very often. 

A child has a right to a relationship with each parent, so a divorced couple needs to be mindful of this fact and not berate each other in the company of their kids. As difficult as divorce is, there are ways to be an effective, loving parent through the process. Knowing what the family law rules are in New York may help each parent to conduct himself and herself wisely. A lawyer may be able to help his or her client understand the dynamics of family law as it pertains to co-parenting.