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Parents can make divorce easier on the children

On Behalf of | Oct 25, 2018 | Divorce, Firm News |

The process of dissolving a marriage in New York can quickly take an emotional toll on the couple who are going through the marital breakup. However, if they have minor children who will be at the center of a child custody case, the process can also have an impact on them. Parents, though, can do a few things to help their children get through the divorce as emotionally intact as possible.

First off, it may behoove parents to share information about the divorce with the children. Keeping the marital dissolution a secret will only work for so long before the children uncover the reality about their parents’ marital situation. Of course, it is important that parents’ share information while keeping their children’s ages, temperaments and maturity levels in mind.

Second, it is important to reassure the children that their parents love them. In fact, the parents may want to let the children know that the divorce does not change how both parents feel about the children. Explaining to the children that the divorce is not their fault may also help a child who blames himself or herself for his or her parents’ breakup.

If possible, two divorcing parents may also want to try to address their divorce issues, including child custody, during negotiation or mediation, rather than traditional divorce litigation. After all, going to divorce trial often sparks a great deal of conflict that can make the marital breakup that much harder with which to cope. An attorney in New York can walk divorcing spouses through the process of resolving divorce issues outside of court, ensuring that their best interests are protected each step of the way.