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Certain signs point to the likelihood of divorce

On Behalf of | Nov 8, 2018 | Divorce, Firm News |

Ending a marriage can certainly be a bittersweet experience. Although divorce allows two people to go their separate ways and pursue their own versions of happiness, the process of breaking up can also be emotionally challenging. Sometimes, though, divorce simply cannot be avoided. Here are a few indicators that two people are bound for divorce in New York.

In some cases, divorce happens because one person has lost the ability to trust the other party. Perhaps infidelity is the culprit, or maybe one spouse has not been forthcoming in the area of finances. Either way, counseling may not be effective enough to help keep the marriage intact long term.

Another sign that divorce is on the horizon is if one spouse shows no interest in the things that the other party highly esteems. In addition, divorce may be necessary if two parties simply lose the spark — that special something — that made their marriage so special when they first walked down the aisle. Yet another indicator that two people will likely divorce is if they constantly argue and cannot seem to stop it.

If possible, two spouses who have decided to get divorced in New York may want to try to resolve their divorce matters on their own, without court intrusion, by going through mediation or informal negotiations. If they cannot see eye to eye on these issues, however, they have no choice but to proceed to divorce trial. In either scenario, an attorney can provide a divorcing spouse with the guidance needed to pursue the best personal outcome possible given the circumstances surrounding the marital dissolution.