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Tearing the family apart can be avoided during divorce

On Behalf of | Jan 16, 2019 | Divorce, Firm News |

When two individuals decide to dissolve their marriage, they may expect the process to be wrought with conflict and animosity. The reality, though, is that it indeed is possible to get a divorce and not necessarily tear the family apart. Some tips may help those going through divorce in New York to keep the marital breakup process as peaceful as possible.

First, a divorcing couple might want to focus on addressing child custody prior to tackling their financial situation. For instance, they can discuss the matter of legal custody, determining which parent gets to make decisions concerning the religion that the children will be taught, the education they will receive and the medical treatment they can get. In addition, they can figure out which parent will have physical custody, meaning that the children will live with him or her. Making these decisions early on may make future money talks during the divorce proceeding a lot more palatable for both parties.

Also, if the two parties can see eye to eye on their divorce issues, they may want to go through divorce mediation or negotiation instead of going through traditional divorce litigation. The reason for this is that negotiation or mediation can be less stressful than going to battle with a soon-to-be-ex at trial. In addition, completing these out-of-court processes is usually faster than going to trial.

Unfortunately, not all couples can find common ground when it comes to matters such as property division and child custody. In these situations, they have no choice but to rely on a judge to decide these matters for them. However, a divorce attorney can help a divorcing party to seek the most personally favorable outcome possible in either situation in New York.