People are likely to go through divorce at certain ages

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A number of people in New York get married with the hopes of staying that way. However, the truth is, marriages do not always last due to irreconcilable differences, among other problems. Here is a look at what age many people who are currently married may end up going through divorce.

In a recent study, researchers looked at various marital outcomes for people of different ages in 2017. According to people’s answers to questions about how many times they had been married and their current marital statuses, around 10 percent of people who were 30 had already gotten divorced. Meanwhile, the divorce percentage reached a maximum at the age of 63. At this age, the number of people who had been divorced was more than 41 percent.

The researchers also looked at statistics from back in 1960 as well as 1980. They discovered that more people in their 20s during these times had gotten divorced compared with 2017. Meanwhile, it appears that older Americans are more apt to have been divorced in the 21st century versus several decades ago.

No matter what age people choose to get a divorce, the marital breakup process can be overwhelming from both a legal and a financial standpoint. This is particularly true if divorcing couples do not see eye to eye on issues such as asset distribution, child custody and visitation, or even spousal maintenance. However, a family law attorney in New York can help a divorcing individual to tackle these various issues with confidence, ensuring that the client’s rights are protected from start to finish.


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