Divorce process involves multiple emotional stages

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When couples in New York get married, they naturally expect to be in it for the long haul. Sometimes, though, marital conflict may drive one or both partners  to seek divorce. Fortunately, individuals who are embarking on the divorce process can take steps to reduce their stress levels during this type of family law proceeding.

For starters, it may be helpful for divorcing spouses to acknowledge the emotional stages that come before a marital breakup. The first stage is denial, where an individual may struggle to believe that the marriage is ending. The second stage is anger and shock; this is where a person may blame his or her future ex for the failure of the marriage. The third stage is bargaining, where a divorcing spouse tries to save the union, and the final stage is depression.

The process of getting divorced usually occurs after the second stage and before the third stage. During this difficult period, the parties may feel emotionally unstable, especially if they have to break the news of the divorce to their children. They must also become acquainted with the legal aspect of the divorce process, which can be overwhelming.

Although divorce is not an easy process to go through, the couple may make it easier for themselves by agreeing to tackle their divorce issues in an out-of-court proceeding, thus avoiding unnecessary court intrusion. For instance, they might come up with their own mutually beneficial parenting agreement or property division agreement through mediation or informal negotiations. An attorney can offer the guidance needed to navigate these proceedings with confidence in New York.


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