Negotiation may help with obtaining alimony following divorce

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When people get divorced in New York, they might understandably be concerned about being able to stay afloat financially going forward. The spouse who was not the primary breadwinner may especially be concerned about this during divorce. Some tips, though, might help the lower-earning spouse to successfully negotiate alimony with his or her spouse.

First, the spouse who wishes to receive alimony payments would be wise to stay calm during the negotiation process. When the discussion appears to heat up, he or she may want to recommend that the two parties revisit at another time after tempers have subsided. Along these lines, the person seeking alimony may want to avoid bringing up the topic when the other party is in a rush, as he or she may be less cooperative in such a situation.

In addition, remaining solution oriented is critical during alimony discussions. Instead of blaming the other party for the marital breakup, the individual who desires alimony payments should ideally stay focused on his or her goal of obtaining alimony. Upsetting the other spouse due to playing the blame game will only serve as an obstacle to achieving this goal.

Negotiation offers the benefit of avoiding the stress and acrimony often associated with traditional divorce litigation. At the same time, it may not yield a positive result if both parties are not willing to try to find common ground in the area of alimony. In this situation, going to trial is unavoidable. However, an attorney in New York can help a person who is requesting alimony to aggressively seek an adequate amount in court in light of the circumstances surrounding the divorce.


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