Parents can make divorce, child custody easier for children

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According to research, over 50% of spouses throughout the United States end up breaking up. The divorce process can be emotionally difficult for spouses to deal with, and in the same way, children may have a hard time processing it. However, a couple of tips might help parents who are getting divorced in New York to make the process easier for their children while dealing with such matters as child custody.

First, if possible, parents who are going through divorce may want to avoid pulling their children from the school they have been attending up to the time of the divorce filing. The reason for this is that forcing the children to go to new schools during the divorce can further disrupt their lives at a time when their lives are already being shaken up by the idea of watching their parents divorce. The more consistent things are during the marital dissolution process, the better the children will fare.

In addition, parents who are going through divorce might want to reiterate to their children that the divorce is not their fault. Children may blame themselves for it because in their naiveté, as they often view the world as revolving around them. However, parents can prevent this erroneous thinking by telling the children that they had nothing to do with the breakup and that both parents will always love them.

Divorce is never a simple process for parents or young children. However, divorcing parents may make handling matters such as child custody easier by working toward a mutually satisfactory agreement with each other through divorce mediation or informal negotiation sessions, for example. An attorney in New York can help a divorcing parent to navigate these types of processes with the goal of achieving the most personally favorable outcome possible.


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