Some child custody arrangements may make life post divorce easier

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The divorce process can certainly take an emotional toll on adults going through it, but it can be just as difficult for their young children. Choosing an appropriate child custody arrangement following divorce is imperative. Here are a couple of arrangements that have worked for some divorced couples with children in New York and elsewhere.

One option is an arrangement called nesting. Here, a child will live in the family home continually, while the parents take turns staying there. The parent who is not at the family home on a given day can stay at his or her own house, or perhaps the parents could own a second residence together. This arrangement might come to an end, however, if either parent ends up re-coupling.

Second, the parents may attempt an arrangement known as 2-2-5. Here, a parent has the kids for the first two days of the week. Then, the other parent has them the next two days. Finally, the parents alternate the final three days of the week. This arrangement offers the benefit of ensuring that the children get five uninterrupted days in a row with each parent.

Dealing with divorce can be overwhelming, especially when young children are involved. However, if the parents can come to an agreement on a child custody arrangement, this may make the process easier for all parties to go through. An attorney in New York can provide the guidance needed to navigate this process with confidence, with the goal being to achieve an outcome that is best for the children and personally favorable to the client.


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