Understanding the factors that influence custody outcomes

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For parents who are approaching the divorce process, there are many concerns. However, custody is a critical issue to focus on, especially if a dispute with the child’s other parent arises. There are many different topics for parents to review, but understanding the multiple factors that affect custody outcomes is crucial. With a better understanding of what the court takes into consideration, many parents are able to place themselves in a more favorable position with regard to securing a favorable end result.

For starters, a child’s preferences often play a role in how custody is awarded, and the wishes of the parents are taken into account as well. Regardless of what everyone involved wants, there are many other factors that influence a judge’s decision. For example, the financial circumstances of each parent come into play and the court will also look at each parent’s ability to provide their child with what they need. Sometimes, the mental and physical health of a parent affects their custody prospects, as well as various aspects of their lifestyle (such as an addiction to drugs or alcohol abuse). Work commitments and daily schedules also play a role in custody decisions.

These are just some of the different areas that courts focus on when it comes to custody. By understanding how these factors impact custody cases and preparing for your own custody case, you will likely have a better chance of obtaining an outcome that is favorable and protecting your relationship with your child. Please review our custody page to read about many other considerations regarding custody cases.


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