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What is the psychic divorce?

On Behalf of | Apr 28, 2020 | Divorce |

When you are in a divorce, it can feel like one enormous thing, but breaking it down into individual separations may help you tackle each one. Your separation is not just on a state level, it can sink down to your very self. The psychic divorce refers to the impact on your reckoning of you as an individual.

No one marries to get divorced. You might have spent anywhere from one to fifty years with someone. This creates a connection that mixes emotions and communities until you feel like one half of a whole. Mental Health America points out several ways of pushing through this trial with tips both emotional and physical.

Recognizing your pain

This loss of yours is real and the associations you have created with your spouse or ex will be difficult to unravel. Ensuring you take the time for yourself and any children also affected by this split begins laying the foundation towards recovery. We want you to feel like an empowered individual—not one half of a now-broken relationship.

Moving forward

Determine what makes you happy. You have been putting a lot of emotional labor into maintaining a relationship you probably wanted to work forever. Be sure to spend that same effort into identifying goals and dreams that you have. Lean on the support you have outside yourself like friends from before the marriage or after.

Psychic divorce is a strange concept, especially when you spend your focus on the more tangible aspects of separation. You may be on your own now, but there is help out there to get you on the road to becoming an individual once more.