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When in-laws are blamed for a divorce

On Behalf of | Apr 21, 2020 | Divorce |

Our law firm realizes the many reasons why marriages crumble, such as a spouse’s affair or domestic violence in the family. However, some marriages are unable to survive as a result of other family members, such as one spouse’s parents or siblings. In fact, in-laws are blamed for many of the divorces that occur each yeara and there are a host of reasons why people decide to end their marriage because of their in-laws (or challenges one’s spouse is facing regarding their own family).

Sometimes, family members do not support their loved one’s marriage. For example, parents or siblings sometimes strongly disapprove of someone’s decision to marry a certain individual and they make life very hard for their family member’s spouse. Constant friction in the family and even fighting are not uncommon for some people in this position and in certain instances, there is too much pressure and people decide to get out of the marriage. On the other hand, some people decide to break up with their spouse because they avoid family functions and show no interest in maintaining contact with their in-laws.

Ultimately, every family is in a unique situation. Sometimes, these disagreements and tensions are resolved through communication and even counseling. In other instances, people simply cannot find any common ground and some people decide that ending their marriage is necessary. Whether you want to split up with your spouse because of your in-laws or your marital partner has these feelings, review your divorce options and prepare yourself for the tasks that lie ahead. Our website discusses other aspects of the divorce process in greater detail.