Grey divorce is on the rise – here’s why

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Divorce is a mercurial cultural institution; it takes on new meaning depending on the decade and generation – new trends arise as perceptions of it change.

Recently, one of the most peculiar developments has been a rise in grey divorce. Grey divorce refers to the separation of couples aged 50 and older. Why are so many baby boomer marriages failing? Here are a few potential reasons why:

Divorce is no longer taboo

When most seniors got married, there was a stigma to divorce; it was considered a violation of a sacred institution. Nowadays, marriage is no longer so taboo, and baby boomers are taking advantage of this newfound freedom to go there separate ways.

People are living longer

50 years ago, most people lived only into their late 60s; today, people regularly live into their 80s. Considering how much life they still have ahead of them, many seniors are thinking more carefully about how they want to spend their golden years.

Empty nesters

Children are an obstacle to divorce for many. People are painfully aware of the emotional damage a messy divorce can inflict on a young person. For this reason, some baby boomers postponed their divorce until their children were out of the house.

Divorce, at any age, is a time consuming, emotionally draining ordeal. We all have valuable assets and interests we want to protect, even if we’re not rich.

Having an experienced divorce attorney by your side the best to both ensure a smooth separation and a desirable outcome. An attorney understands the nuances of the law and can craft a unique strategy around your unique objectives.

If cost is a concern, many attorneys offer a free initial consultation at no out-of-pocket cost to the client.


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