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Domestic violence can impact family law issues in New York

On Behalf of | Sep 6, 2021 | Domestic Violence |

There are significant differences in families today from what was commonplace 50 years ago. Today we have many more “blended” families, with children from separate marriages brought together by subsequent marriages. We also see grandparents living in the family home more often these days. And, we even see families in which the parents have never been married, but everyone lives together and gets along. Most of these changes are positive. However, the changes in the family unit have not come without negative aspects as well. Domestic violence is one of those negatives.

As awful as it might sound, domestic violence is not uncommon in family units in New York. According to statistics kept by the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, nearly a third of women in New York have experienced physical or sexual violence at the hands of their intimate partners. For men, that number is approximately 29%. So, it seems that domestic violence is not just a minor issue – it is something that can significantly impact family law issues in New York.

Whether you are involved in a divorce, a child custody or support issue or even a paternity claim – allegations of domestic violence can rock the court case from beginning to end. When this factor arises in your legal case, you need to be prepared.

Taking the right approach

At our law firm, we understand how devastating domestic violence in a home can be for our clients. We work with them to find the right approach to their legal issues. For more information, please visit the family law FAQ section of our law firm’s website.