What is considered domestic violence?

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Domestic violence can have a significant impact on families. For that reason, it is helpful for those impacted by family violence to understand what is considered family violence and the family law resources available to them.

There are several different categories of domestic violence in addition to physical violence which is the most commonly considered form of domestic violence but not the only type of domestic violence.

  • Physical violence: the category of physical violence can include a variety of different forms of physical violence. Examples of physical violence that may be considered domestic violence can include grabbing, pushing, slapping, shoving, stabbing, burning, biting, withholding physical needs, refusing necessities, withholding help or locking the other person out of the home.
  • Emotional abuse: emotional abuse can include behaviors that berate, embarrass or tear down the self esteem of the other person. It can include psychological abuse as well.
  • Financial abuse: financial abuse can include controlling financial resources to oppress the other person. It also may include behaviors that limit the other person’s ability to earn an income.
  • Isolation: isolation can include behaviors that are intended to maintain control over the other person and keep them isolated.
  • Stalking: stalking behaviors can include both emotional and psychological abuse. Stalking is considered persistent and unwanted pursuit of the other person.

Domestic violence includes a variety of behaviors and can be physical, emotional, financial, and psychological in nature and can occur in other ways as well including sexual abuse. Because of the impact domestic violence can have on families, it is important to be familiar with what it is and how the family law system may be able to help address domestic violence concerns families may have.



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