It’s not too early to think about child custody and holiday plans

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Child custody plans – even the most well-designed ones – can oftentimes cause tension and disagreements between parents. While most custody plans usually outline the broad strokes of how to handle legal custody, physical custody and visitation, there will inevitably be some flexibility in the plans. At the very least, the parents will allow for some exceptions for special dates such as birthdays or holidays. Now that we’re into autumn and kids are back in school, the holidays may be a challenge on the near-term horizon for some parents in New York who have custody orders in place.

A recent news article noted some of the biggest concerns that parents might face when it comes to child custody and the holidays. It’s never too early to think about how the holidays will impact your custody arrangements.

Making your holiday plans

For starters, the recent article noted that clarifying potential holiday plans between the parents is a key consideration. Getting into such details as drop-off and pick-up times on particular dates – even earlier in the year – can allow for greater certainty and could even help parents make better plans for their time with the kids. It might be a good idea to put the details in writing.

Perhaps the most important point is to consider the fairness of arrangements. Yes, it can be difficult to agree with an ex-spouse or former partner, but keeping in mind how everyone should be treated fairly when it comes to child custody and the holidays may help everyone involved to enjoy that time of year more.


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