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Can my job lead me to divorce?

On Behalf of | Nov 17, 2022 | Divorce |

There are many underlying causes for most divorces. One of the most common is financial trouble. Another factor that can play a role is the career of one or both of the spouses.

The data

One study ranked some of the careers in which younger people were more likely to divorce. The data comes from U.S. Census, as interpreted by the jobsite Zippia. The analysis examples divorce rates of people age 30 and younger as delineated by job and industry.

Service members

At the top of the data were those in the military, especially first-line enlisted military supervisors. Nearly a third had divorced by age 30, according to the study. No other profession even comes close.

Experts believe these divorces may be the result of several factors. First, financial struggles at home could cause issues as our service members are chronically underpaid. Second, the constant fear of loss, combined with long stretches apart, also cause strain.

Other professions that struggle

Blue-collar workers (trades) also have high divorce rates. These include mechanics, technicians, etc. Like those in the military, these professions often come with long hours away from the family, as well as the constant threat of injury.

Lowest divorce rates

The study also ranked jobs with the lowest divorce rates. Doctors (and those in the healthcare field), software developers, lawyers and judges and clergy were all among the careers with the lowest divorce rates.

The key takeaway is that anyone can face a divorce, but the amount of time you spend at your job can impact it as well.