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The emotional toll of divorce

On Behalf of | Feb 28, 2023 | Firm News |

Divorce is sometimes the best option for New York couples who recognize their marriage is no longer working. Couples who share children may also see divorce as the best way to remove their children from marital conflict.

Even if you know it is the right choice, you will probably still experience a wide range of emotions throughout the divorce process. You could find yourself with unexpected feelings of loss, sadness and abandonment, causing you to question your decision.

Memories and traditions

Feelings like this are understandable and natural. If you and your spouse have spent many years, you probably now share many memories and traditions. Realizing that you will no longer have certain traditions can bring feelings of loss.

Although you and your spouse might no longer have romantic feelings toward one another, you are likely to still miss their companionship. Most people enjoy feeling like they have a partner in life, and being on your own again can make you feel scared and anxious.

Remaining friends or on amicable terms with your spouse after your divorce can reduce these feelings, although that is not always practical. You may find yourself on your own in situations that you previously depended on your spouse to handle, such as fixing something in the house.

Remember that with time, you will adapt to your new life. New memories will be created, and you will find support in other places.

Family and friends

Losing family and friends is another unexpected consequence of a divorce many people are not prepared for. You may be extremely close to your in-laws, only to find them turning their back on you after learning about the divorce.

Likewise, you might lose friends. People tend to take sides in a divorce, and people you thought were friends may start avoiding you, or trying to advise you on your marriage.

These are just some examples of emotional losses and hardships involved in a divorce that you should be prepared for. However, with time, support and guidance, you can move forward into a brighter future.