How to find a divorce mediator in New York

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If you and your former spouse plan to divorce, there are various ways to proceed. Sometimes, the best option is going to court and fleshing out details before the judge. Other times, alternative dispute resolution procedures are more beneficial, such as collaborative options or undergoing divorce mediation.

Some courts may recommend mediation because it can be less distressing and expensive than going to court. If you plan to go through divorce mediation with your former spouse, you should know how to find the right mediator to facilitate the process.

Looking for the right mediator

There are many ways to find a mediator, such as requesting a referral if your divorce’s court proceedings have already begun. The court often has mediation programs with low-cost offers and reduced fees for succeeding sessions. You can also go to your local community dispute resolution center. These agencies often offer free mediation for parenting issues or a list of qualified mediators specializing in divorce-related conflicts.

Some divorce mediation clinics and organizations may provide free services, especially for low-income households. Some associations can also share details of experienced mediators with proper credentials. It is best to obtain this service only from trustworthy sources, ensuring that the sessions happen professionally with sufficient documentation.

Benefitting from divorce mediation

The benefits you can get out of mediating your divorce may depend on the mediator. Facilitating a session is not an easy task. It could require unquestionable professionalism and integrity to adequately perform the role without breaking your and your former spouse’s trust. This process may also offer more privacy, which is valuable when tackling sensitive issues concerning your family.

However, going to court might be best, depending on your circumstances. Before deciding on divorce mediation, you should consult an attorney to determine if it is the most appropriate process based on your situation.


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