Man faces prison sentence due to domestic abuse

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Almost all New York residents know that, out of all the experiences in life, relationships can be some of the most long-lasting and life-changing. When the relationship is healthy, it can change a person’s life for the better. However, sometimes things fall apart. When domestic abuse is the result, the law must often intervene to protect the victims of this senseless, violent act.

Such is the case in an incident in another state. The court sentenced a man to serve a three year prison sentence in relation to domestic abuse. The man’s wife, the victim, sustained injuries to her head.

The incident occurred in late January. The man and wife got into an argument while they were inside their vehicle. According to the prosecutors, the man grabbed his wife by her hair and slammed her head, face-first, into the door of the car. The man has a record of domestic abuse with his wife and a lengthy criminal record.

Although the man will be spending the next three years of his life behind bars, his wife will be left with the scars both physically and mentally for the rest of her life. As this ruling shows, victims of domestic abuse will be defended by the full extent of the law. When a person suspects he or she has been the victim of domestic abuse in the state of New York, they often contact a family law attorney right away, as the attorney can defend the victim and advocate on his or her behalf to help begin the process of legally remedying the situation.

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