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Co-parenting presents an option

Not unlike the marriages that preceded them, divorces in which parents attempt to co-parent will not have a one-sized-fits-all template. Some divorced parents choose to limit their interactions with each other. An alternative known as co-parenting encourages parents...

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Understanding legal custody

If you have a child, you know that a big part of your job as a parent is making decisions about how to raise your child. Some decisions have to do with day-to-day matters, such as whether your child should wear a coat today or what to serve for dinner tonight. Other...

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Family gatherings and divorce

Ending a marriage or relationship should not end family get togethers for events such as graduations, birthdays, funerals and weddings. These events, however, should not be treated as a high school reunion where you plan to show your former rivals how successful and...

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What is a blended family?

Divorce marks both an end and a beginning. Over time, the longing for companionship can draw people together. Although new, these relationships blend aspects of the past with hopes for the future. Children comprise the most prominent part the new family. As with any...

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Can my job lead me to divorce?

There are many underlying causes for most divorces. One of the most common is financial trouble. Another factor that can play a role is the career of one or both of the spouses. The data One study ranked some of the careers in which younger people were more likely to...

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